Slope County, North Dakota Federal Loan Information

The 2018 $0 down, Federal home loan limit for Slope County is $ 453,100.

Welcome to the beautiful area of Slope County, which is located in southwestern North Dakota and is home to some of the friendliest people. Slope County offers a huge variety of local attractions that people of all ages are sure to enjoy. Make sure to attend all the exciting events held in the county, where you can try some of the best local food. If you are a fan of the outdoors, then you are sure to enjoy the many waterways and parks in the area. Slope County was officially founded on January 14, 1915 and was named after the Missouri Slope. The current population of the county is 767.

A fun time is waiting at all the great attractions in and nearby Slope County. The Bunkhouse is an amazing historic landmark that was once a prime railroad stop in North Dakota. The Bunkhouse is still home to many interesting artifacts and landmarks. The Unique Antique Auto Museum brings in people from all over to see its huge variety of historic vehicles. The Unique Antique Auto Museum also features historic toy vehicles, license plates, homemade wagons, and more. Other great attractions in the area include the Barber Auditorium and the Pastime Clubs and Steakhouse.

You can’t miss out on any of the amazing events held in Slope County, where everyone is sure to have a great time. Dinosaur Daze celebrates the fossil heritage of the county, offering educational programs, a treasure hunt, and many children’s activities. Dinosaur Daze also features a flea market and rummage sale. Be sure to attend the Independence Day Celebration, which features a rodeo, parade, and all ends in an exciting fireworks display! The Independence Day Celebration also features games, contests, and more! Other exciting events held in the county include Cowboy Poets and Santa Claus Day.

Take in some of the best views of the local landscape at any of the beautiful outdoor spots in Slope County. The Little Missouri National Grassland is partly located in the county and offers excellent views of amazing local wildlife. At the Little Missouri National Grassland, you can also see North Dakota’s highest point, White Butte. The Stewart Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a great place for fishing, boating, and all other aquatic activities. Take a hike along any of the scenic trails in the Stewart Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

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Slope County Loan Limits

One-Unit: $ 453,100
Two-Units: $ 580,150
Three-Units: $ 701,250
Four-Units: $ 871,450

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