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Sell a Home

FedHome Loan Centers is designed to help underwater home owners get back on their feet.

Our programs can help you sell a home and buy a home at fair market rate. However, sellers who do so must agree not to take advantage of a declining market. To qualify, you must not miss any mortgage payments and have an eligible circumstance.

How Does The Program Work?

FedHome Loan Centers will help list your home. A local area REALTOR® will then list your home for sale. Once you have a buyer, the home will be appraised and the file submitted for approval. Upon acceptance, the current mortgage and other liens will be settled. Borrowers may apply for a new home loan if they have sufficient (recent) credit history, stable income and an eligible property.

The Homeowner must:

  • Remain current on all debts (including the mortgage and liens)
  • Have a qualifying circumstance
  • Make sufficient income to afford the new mortgage payment

What is The Cost?

Because our program is funded by third parties (REALTORS®, lenders, etc.), home sellers do not usually have to pay directly out of pocket for the service. However, the home owner is strongly advised to continue all mortgage payments and other obligations.

How Soon Can I Buy Another Home?

If the homeowner remains current on all debts, they may be eligible to purchase another home upon the sale of their current residence. The minimum time frame is 24 hours.

How Will This Affect My Credit?

If the homeowner remains current on all debts, the impact to their credit score should be minimal.

How Do I Apply?

To begin the process, complete the form on this page or call 877-432-5626 (877-432-LOAN).