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Runnels County, Texas (FedHome Loan Centers)

The 2019 $0 down, federal home loan limit for Runnels County is $314,827.

Runnels County is a square territory that is located almost directly in the middle of Texas, located directly south of Abilene. The county has a population of 10,500 with a total area of 1,057 square miles. The county seat is Ballinger.

Runnels County was founded in 1858, yet not fully organized until 1880. It takes its name from Hiram G. Runnels, a Texas state legislator. Prior to white settlement the area was inhabited by Comanche and Jumano tribes. It was also explored by the Spanish in the 18th and 19th centuries. Runnels County attracted more entrepreneurs following several oil booms. The first one took place in the 1920s after MacMillan oil field was discovered. In the late-40s there were several other oil fields discovered. Runnels has also always been regarded for its ranching, and serves the rest of the country with beef.

Ballinger is the biggest city in Runnels County with a population of 3,770 people. Winters (population 2,560) and Miles (population 830) are the second and third biggest towns in the county. The county also has several unincorporated areas including Benoit, Rowena, Norton, and Wingate.

Ballinger is located near the middle of Runnels County at the junction of U.S. Highway 67 (east and west) and U.S. Highway 83 (north and south). U.S. Highway 67 eventually leads to San Angelo, which is about 50 miles southwest of Runnels. Meanwhile, Abilene is nearly the same distance yet to the north. From Abilene, travelers can head east toward Fort Worth or Dallas, and west toward Midland on U.S. Interstate 20. 

Ballinger has one school district that manages all of its public education. Ballinger High School is the largest learning institution in Runnels County. It was also the previous home of a minor league baseball team known as the Ballinger Cats. The team was affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds before it disbanded in the 1950s. Professional golfer Hal Underwood and member of the Texas House of Representatives George E. West are both from Ballinger. 

Runnels County is comparable to most parts of central Texas. It has notoriously hot and humid summers with an extended warm period through the spring and fall months of the year. The winter does not get too extreme with temperatures that range from mild to cool. Elevations in the county range from 1,650 feet to 2,350 feet above sea level. Moro Mountain is the highest point. The Colorado River also flows through the southern third of Runnels. The land has provided source material for the production of bricks as well as limestone.

The territory is notorious for representing broad, rolling plains as well as a small portion of the Edwards Plateau. Edwards Plateau is based in the southeastern corner by Concho County and Tom Green County. The northern boundaries of Runnels County connect to Taylor County and Nolan County. Meanwhile, Coke County is adjacent to the west and Coleman County to the east. 

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County Loan Limits  

FHA: $314,827 

USDA: $251,862 

VA: $484,350 

FHA Loan Limits

One-Unit: $314,827 

Two-Units: $403,125 

Three-Units: $487,250 

Four-Units: $605,525 

USDA Loan Limit 

Very Low Income: $29,350 

Low Income: $46,950 

Mod. Income Guar Loan: $86,850 

USDA Eligible zip codes: 76821, 76861, 76865, 76875, 79566, and 79567

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