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Routt County, Colorado FHA, VA, and USDA Loan Information

2020 Routt County Government Home Loan Limits

FHA Loan Limit $638,250 (Single family residence) / $817,050 (Duplex) / $987,650 (Triplex) / $1,227,400 (Fourplex)
USDA Loan Limit $542,390
VA Home Loan Limit $0 down up to $3,000,000 / 2 open VA loans at one time $638,250*(Call 888-573-4496 for details).

Located on the northern edge of Colorado, Routt County is all the fun and beauty you could ever want from your new home. Check out all of the beautiful outdoor locations for some of the best winter and summer activity opportunities. There are a multitude of interesting attractions in Routt County, which include several ski lodges, hot springs, and more. Attend all of the fun and exciting events held in Routt County for some fun for the whole family. Routt County was formed on January 29, 1877, and was named after John Routt, who was the first State Governor of Colorado. The current population of Routt County is 23,513.

You are sure to love all of the beautiful outdoor locations in Routt County, where you can enjoy in some of the best views. Home to many interesting wildlife species, Mount Zirkel Wilderness is the perfect place for exploration. If you are a fan of camping, then you will love the excellent views and many camping amenities offered at the Routt National Forest. If you are a fan of hiking or mountain biking, then be sure to check one of the scenic trails, including the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail and the Fish Creek Falls National Recreation Trail.

Come see all of the interesting attractions in Routt County for some fun for the whole family. Visit one of the local ski resorts for some of the best skiing and snowboarding opportunities around! Routt County is also home to several hot springs, which are the perfect places to enjoy excellent views while relaxing. Speaking of relaxing, there are many different spas to choose from in the county, where you can get a relaxing massage. Go along one of the scenic gondola tours to get some of the best views of the local landscape.

The county hosts some of the most fun events held in the state. The Mascot Stampede is one of the most fun events held in Routt, and showcases many fun costumes of local sports teams. The Family Fun New Year’s Eve Celebration is an extravagant event that features all ends in an exciting fireworks show! Celebrate the holidays at the annual Holiday Festival, which features great food, fun games, a beautiful lighting display, and even an appearance by Santa Claus! Other great events held in Routt County include the Winter Carnival and Winter Wonder Grass.

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Routt County Properties

Clark, Hayden, Hahns Peak Village, Oak Creek, Steamboat Springs, Yampa, Phippsburg, Toponas, Milner

80428, 80467, 80469, 81639, 81638, 80477, 80479, 80483, 80488, 81653, 80487

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Routt County Loan Limits

FHA: $634,800

USDA: $542,390

VA: $638,250

Routt County Condos

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