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Presidio County, Texas (FedHome Loan Centers)

The 2019 $0 down, federal home loan limit for Presidio County is $314,827.

Presidio County is a massive chunk of territory in southwestern Texas that exists along the U.S. and Mexico border. Presidio County has a total area of nearly 4,000 square miles, making it one of the largest bodies of land in Texas. The population of Presidio County is 7,820. The county seat is Marfa. 

The territory was officially established as Presidio County in 1850, though not fully organized until 1875. The highly prized land is part of the Trans-Pecos region in West Texas which is noteworthy for the Rio Grande. Big Bend Ranch State Park also exists along the southern portion of Presidio County before venturing into Big Bend National Park. 

Spanish missions represented the first travelers to modern day Presidio County by Europeans. The first white settlement in the area was formed in 1832 along Cibolo Creek. Seven years later the Chihuahua Trail opened which connected the Chihuahua state of Mexico to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fort Leaton was completed in 1848, also known as the largest adobe structure in Texas. It is now a historic site that is visited by many people each year. 

Presidio County is also the place of the legendary Marfa Lights sighting. According to travelers on the Chihuahua Trail during the mid-19th century, repeated sightings of rare lights were reported between Marfa and Paisano Pass. There is wide speculation on the source of the lights as some even claim they were sightings of extraterrestrials. The odd sightings are celebrated to this day with the annual Mystery Lights Festival in Marfa. 

Presidio County is unique in Texas based on its political beliefs. It is reliably Democratic Party, as Barack Obama won easily in the county during the 2008 and 2012 elections. Hilary Clinton was also strongly favored during the 2016 election. 

Marfa is the county seat, though not the largest community in Presidio County. The population was nearly 2,000 based on statistics from the most recent census. Marfa is a high desert town well known for being in close proximity to the Davis Mountains as well as Big Bend National Park. It is a major tourist destination along with Presidio. Marfa is also renowned for being one of the major hubs for minimalist art in the United States. Therefore, the downtown district is extremely artsy. Its artistic culture began after Minimalist artist Donald Judd relocated to Marfa from New York City in the early-1970s. Marfa has also been featured in pop culture on many movies and settings for novels based on the mysterious Marfa Lights. 

Presidio is the largest town in the county with a population of 4,425. Presidio is also a very common tourist destination as it is picturesque and sits directly on the RIo Grande. Oginaga, Chihuahua, Mexico is evident across the U.S. and Mexico border. In addition to tourism, the local economy is primarily driven by the Presidio Independent School District, U.S. Border Protection, and United States Customs. It is extremely close to Big Bend National Park as well as Ft. Leaton State Historic Site. Many visitors access Big Bend National Park by beginning at Big Bend Ranch State Park, which is adjacent to Presidio. It is also a prime entrance into Mexico, where Ojinaga (population 30,000) is directly across the border. 

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Presidio County Loan Limits  

FHA: $314,827 

USDA: $251,862 

VA: $484,350 

FHA Loan Limits 

One-Unit: $314,827 

Two-Units: $403,125 

Three-Units: $487,250 

Four-Units: $605,525 

USDA Loan Limit 

Very Low Income: $29,350 

Low Income: $46,950 

Mod. Income Guar Loan: $86,850 

USDA Eligible zip codes in Presidio County are: 79843, 79845, and 79854 

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