Modoc County, California FED Loan Information

The 2018 $0 down, FED home loan limit for Modoc County is $453,100.

Known as “Where the West Still Lives” Modoc County has some of the most beautiful outdoor locations. Located on the northern edge of California, Modoc County offers many opportunities for hiking, camping, climbing, and much more. If you are a fan of being by the water, then you will enjoy the many amazing rivers and lakes in Modoc County. History buffs will love all the amazing historical sites in Modoc County. Modoc County was named after the Modoc Native American Tribe and was officially established in the 1846. The total population of Modoc County is 8,965.

If you love the outdoors, then you will appreciate all of the beautiful landmarks in Modoc County. Modoc National Forest is one of the most beautiful locations in California and features some of the most amazing wildlife. The Modoc National Forest is a popular place for hiking, thanks to its many trails and scenic views. Another great outdoor location is the Shasta National Forest, which is a favorite for camping, climbing, and more. There are also several spots in the Shasta National Forest for skiing and snowmobile riding. Other beautiful outdoor places in Modoc County include the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge and the Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Enjoy in any number of aquatic activities at one of the lakes and rivers in the county. The Big Sage Reservoir is a great place for boating and swimming. There are a multitude of different fish species living in the Big Sage Reservoir, making it a favorite of local fishers. Goose Lake is another favorite of local fishers. Visit the shores of Goose Lake for some of the most beautiful views and camping opportunities. The Klamath River is a great place for rafting and canoeing. There are areas of rapids and calmness along the Klamath River. Other great waterways in Modoc County include Medicine Lake and Lake Shasta.

To learn more about the history of California, be sure to check out one of the many historical sites in the county. The Modoc County Historical Museum features a number of interesting artifacts and exhibits that showcase early life in California. Just a few of the artifacts housed in the Modoc County Historical Museum include antique rifles, Native American artifacts, photographs, and more. Historical landmarks in the county include the Jess Valley Schoolhouse, Cuppy Cave, Nelson Springs, and many more.

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Modoc County Property Search

Adin, Alturas, California Pines, Canby, Cedarville, Daphnedale Park, Davis Creek, Eagleville, Ft. Bidwell, Lake City, Likely, Lookout, Newell, New Pine Creek, Stronghold, Tionesta

96108, 96110, 96112, 96116, 96115, 97635, 96015, 96101, 96104

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Modoc County Loan Limits

One Unit: $ 453,100
Two Units: $ 580,150
Three Units: $ 701,250
Four Units: $ 871,450

Modoc County Available Condos

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