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Martin County, Texas (FedHome Loan Centers)

The 2019 $0 down, federal home loan limit for Martin County is $318,550.

Martin County is situated in western Texas. The population of the county is 4,800. The total area of the county is 916 square miles and was established in 1876. The region is named after Wylie Martin, an early inhabitant. The county seat is Stanton.

Martin County recently became a “wet county” in 2018. It was previously one of six entirely dry counties in Texas. Now, the county is considered a partially wet county as residents of Stanton voted to approve the sale of beer and wine within city limits. There are still five counties in Texas that remain completely dry.

Martin County is included in the Midland and Odessa combined statistical area. The territory also contains the northern section of Spraberry Trend, the second largest oil field in the United States based on crude oil production. As a result, the county thrives primarily on oil yet also has some ranching and farming too.

The major highways of Martin County include Interstate 20, one of the most important thoroughfares in Texas. I-20 exists along the southeastern corner of the county and runs through Stanton. Midland, Texas is just to the southwest of Stanton on I-20. Meanwhile, to the east I-20 eventually connects to Abilene (140 miles) and further east to Fort Worth and Dallas (300 miles). The other important highways of the area include U.S. Highway 87, SH 115, SH 349, and SH 176.

The county includes the cities of Stanton (population 2,500), Midland (population 155,000), and Ackerly (population 220). However, most of Midland exists in Midland County and not Martin County. Ackerly is also partly in Dawson County making Stanton the primary community in Martin County along with several unincorporated settlements.

Stanton was established in 1887, by John Scharbauer who was a native of New York. Scharbauer built his own cattle ranch in an industry that has done well in Martin County. Regardless, the county is still known first and foremost as an oil county thanks to Spraberry Trend Oil Field.

The residents of Midland primarily live in Midland County, however, a small residency exists in the southern portion of the county. Midland is one of the biggest cities in West Texas. The population was reported at 111,150 during the 2010 census, yet is now estimated closer to 155,000 people. Overall, Midland is the 24th most populous city in Texas. Midland is also known for its rich oil supply. The area is booming with new residents as the population grew in one year by nearly 5 percent between July 2011 and July 2012. When combined with Odessa the statistical area covers a population close to 296,000 people.

“Midlandlers” – as local residents are nicknamed – live in a setting that is nearly halfway between Fort Worth, Texas and El Paso, Texas. Midland really took off in residents after the Texas and Pacific Railroad was established through it in 1881. Former First Lady Laura Bush grew up in Midland. Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, and his son George W. Bush, also lived in Midland for a time period. 

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Martin County Loan Limits  

FHA: $318,550 

USDA: $251,862 

VA: $484,350 

FHA Loan Limits

One-Unit: $318,550 

Two-Units: $407,800 

Three-Units: $492,950 

Four-Units: $612,600 

USDA Loan Limit 

Very Low Income: $34,400 

Low Income: $55,050 

Mod. Income Guar Loan: $86,850 

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