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Maine Federal Home Info

The most northeastern state in the United States, Maine is the perfect place for those that love cool weather, great food, and beautiful beaches. The state is famous for its many scenic outdoor spots, including Acadia National Park and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. The cities of Maine, including Portland and Lewiston, are popular tourist destinations, thanks to their many breweries, historic sites, and other attractions! For everything from majestic ocean views to exciting city life, it can all be found in Maine!

The many scenic outdoor spots in the state bring in a multitude of visitors throughout the year. Acadia National Park offers amazing views of lush forests, glaciers, and waterways. Home to miles of scenic trails, Acadia National Park is a popular spot for hiking and mountain biking. For tranquil views of the Atlantic Ocean, visit one of the scenic beaches in Maine. For some of the best fishing opportunities, be sure to check out the many lakes in the state, including Lake Auburn, Moosehead Lake, and Lake Champlain.

The cities of Maine offer something for everyone! In Portland, you will find some of the country’s most popular breweries as well as many museums, artistic hotspots, and sports arenas. Portland also hosts many exciting events throughout the year, including the Festival of Nations, Greek Festival, and Harvest on the Harbor. A great education is available in Portland, thanks to its many universities and colleges, including the Maine College of Art and the University of Maine School of Law. Another great city with plenty of nice neighborhoods is Lewiston. Just a few of the attractions in Lewiston include the Franco Center, the Atrium Gallery, and Captive Elements Art House.

State history is another popular attraction in Maine. The state is full of beautiful lighthouses, historic mansions, and other historical landmarks. The Maine State House, located in Augusta, has been standing since 1832, and was built using granite local to the state. The Capitol Complex Historic District features many amazing structures, some dating back to the early 1800s, including the Blaine House and the Guy P. Gannett House. Fort Knox was completed in the late 1860s, and was used during the Spanish-American War. Other interesting historic sites in the state include the Victoria Mansion, Portland Head Light, and West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.

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2020 Maine FHA, USDA and VA Loan Limits (by county):

As of 2020, all counties come with $0 down and a $3 million loan limit.

  1. Androscoggin County $331,760
  2. Aroostook County $331,760
  3. Cumberland County $366,850
  4. Franklin County $331,760
  5. Hancock County $331,760
  6. Kennebec County $331,760
  7. Knox County $331,760
  8. Lincoln County $331,760
  9. Oxford County $331,760
  10. Penobscot County $331,760
  11. Piscataquis County $331,760
  12. Sagadhoc County $366,850
  13. Somerset County $331,760
  14. Waldo County $331,760
  15. Washington County $331,760
  16. York County $366,850

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