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Limestone County, Texas (FedHome Loan Centers)

The 2019 $0 down, federal home loan limit for Limestone County is $314,827.

Limestone County is based in East Texas. It is east of Waco, and not far from Interstate 35 which leads north toward Dallas-Fort Worth and south toward Austin. The county has a population of 23,400. The total area of the county is 933 square miles and the county seat is Groesbeck. 

The county was established in 1846. The land was once occupied by Native Americans, including farmers and hunters and, later, Comanche, Apache, and Kiowa tribes. Modern day Limestone County was the site of the Fort Parker Massacre. Baptist groups were the first to reach the territory in the 1830s prior to Limestone County becoming official in 1846. Farming and ranching were common means to a living in the 19th and 20th centuries. 

The area, like a lot of Texas, went through some hard times during the Civil War as most locals agreed to fight for the Confederate Army as opposed to the Union. The Reconstruction era was a troubling time for locals where lawlessness was abundant. The arrival of the Houston and Texas Central Railway started to change things in 1869. Then, oil and gas were discovered in 1913. 

Groesbeck is situated directly in the middle of Limestone County. Groesbeck has a population of 4,320. The other cities in the county are Mexia (population 7,460) and Mart (population 2,425) which is mostly in McLennan County (to the west). 

Limestone County also has several other recognized towns: Coolidge (population 865), Thornton (population 525), Kosse (population 510), and Tehuacana (population 285). The county also has several unincorporated settlements including Ben Hur, Buffalo Mop, Forest Glade, Prairie Hill, and Victoria. 

Groesbeck is named after a former railroad director, Abram Groesbeeck. The small town began in 1871, and the community became the county seat of Limestone County two years later. Groesbeck is the home of the Fort Parker Massacre and continues to tell its story at a historical site on the north end of town. There is a Christmas event that takes place each year at Fort Parker. Also, Groesbeck has one public library and uses the Groesbeck Independent School District for public education.  

Mexia is the largest city in Limestone County with a population of 7,460. Mexia is often mispronounced according to locals, which has led to the nickname “A great place to live, no matter how you pronounce it.” The city is named after General Jose Antonio Mexia, a hero of the Republic of Texas Army. Mexia’s former estate exists near the town. It was also the first community in the county to discover oil and gas. 

The Mexia Public Schools Museum is a great place to learn about the deep history of Limestone County. The Mexia Independent School District oversees all public education in the community. Navarro College also has a campus in Mexia. Each year the city hosts an important Juneteenth celebration. It is also noted as being the home briefly of model and TV personality Anna Nicole Smith. 

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Limestone County Loan Limits  

FHA: $314,827 

USDA: $251,862 

VA: $484,350 

FHA Loan Limits

One-Unit: $314,827 

Two-Units: $403,125 

Three-Units: $487,250 

Four-Units: $605,525 

USDA Loan Limit 

Very Low Income: $29,350 

Low Income: $46,950 

Mod. Income Guar Loan: $86,850 

USDA Eligible zip codes in Limestone County are: 76635, 76642, 76653, 76667, 76678, 76686, and 76687 

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