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La Salle County, Texas (FedHome Loan Centers)

The 2019 $0 down, federal home loan limit for La Salle County is $314,827.

La Salle County is a square piece of land located in southern Texas. It exists south of San Antonio and west of Corpus Christi. Coahulia, Mexico is directly west of the county. The population of La Salle is 6,885 based on data collected from the most recent census. The county is large in terms of land size as the total area is nearly 1,500 square miles. The county seat is Cotulla.

The county was established in 1858. However, it was not organized until over twenty years later in 1880. The territory is named after Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle – a legendary 17th century French explorer. Prior to white settlement it was occupied by Coahuiltecan Indians. The Spanish eventually forced them out along with conflicts with Apache Native Americans. Modern day La Salle County continued to have a complicated history between the Texas Revolution and the Mexican War as Desperadoes and the Republic of Texas struggled over its control.

After the organization of La Salle County and the arrival of the International-Great Northern Railroad the region began to flourish. Eventually the territory received several important highways, including Interstate 35 which ventures north and south along the western boundary and through Cotulla.  

Cotulla is the largest city in La Salle County with a population of nearly 7,000 people. Encinal (population 630) is the second largest community in the county. Fowlerton (population 60) is recognized as a census-designated place (CDP) yet is extremely tiny. There are also three recognized unincorporated places of Artesia Wells, Millett, and Los Angeles.

Cotulla first began as a ranching community with its quick origins to the International-Great Northern Railroad. Like a lot of Texas – La Salle County had its own natural gas boom. The Eagle Ford Shale boom took off in the 21st century like a lot of shaling and along with petroleum is one of the top contributors to the local economy. Selling hunting licenses in the county is another important contributor to the economy.

The Eagle Ford Shale has led to vast growth in La Salle County. The city manager estimated that the population of Cotulla has tripled since the last reportings in the 2010 census. Some estimate the population will be 12,000 or more residents by the time the 2020 census is released. In recent years the infrastructure has also improved dramatically with new hotels, restaurants, and truck stops. The downtown area is receiving some new renovations. 

Cotulla is supported by the Cotulla Independent School District for public education. The Brush Country Museum is also located in La Salle County and presents a further history of the region. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett owns a ranch outside Cotulla. Jeff Bezos – CEO of Amazon – has family members with another ranch in the county. Additionally, former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson once taught public school in Cotulla.

The county manages half of the Chaparral Wildlife Management Area. Choke Canyon State Park and Choke Canyon Reservoir exists directly to the east of La Salle County as travelers head toward I-37. San Antonio is less than two hours away from La Salle in terms of drive time. Corpus Christi is slightly further away.

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La Salle County Loan Limits  

FHA: $314,827 

USDA: $251,862 

VA: $484,350 

FHA Loan Limits

One-Unit: $314,827 

Two-Units: $403,125 

Three-Units: $487,250 

Four-Units: $605,525 

USDA Loan Limit 

Very Low Income: $29,350 

Low Income: $46,950 

Mod. Income Guar Loan: $86,850 

USDA Eligible zip codes in La Salle County are: 78001, 78014, 78019, and 78021 

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