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Kinney County, Texas (FedHome Loan Centers)

2020 Kinney County Government Home Loan Limits

FHA Loan Limit $331,760 (Single family residence) / $424,800 (Duplex) / $513,450 (Triplex) / $638,100 (Fourplex)
USDA Loan Limit $251,862
VA Home Loan Limit $0 down up to $3,000,000 / 2 open VA loans at one time $510,400 *(Call 888-573-4496 for details).

Kinney County is based in southern Texas. The southwest corner of the county is part of the United States and Mexico border. The county has a population of just 3,600 and a total area of 1,365 square miles. The county seat is Brackettville.

The territory was created in 1850, yet not completely organized until nearly 25 years later in 1874. The county is named after an early settler of the region. The first inhabitants of modern day Kinney County were Native Americans including tribes of Mescalero Apache, Lipan Apache, Coahuiltecan, Tonkawa, and Comanche. Today some of their artifacts and petroglyphs remain.

The first recorded European exploration throughout modern day Kinney County was led by Saltillo Alcalde Fernando de Azcue in 1665. He was the first European to cross the Rio Grande into present day Texas. Additional Spanish expeditions continued in the 17th century. The county became official in 1850 when land was separated from Bexar County. In the 19th and 20th centuries the county was known for ranching sheep and producing wool. Several railroads came to the area and helped spur trade.

Brackettville is the largest community in Kinney County yet still very small with a population of only 1,700. The numbers reported in the 2010 census were down slightly from 1,875 people reported in the 2000 census. Brackettville was originally known as Las Moras for a nearby spring and creek. The early days of Brackettville helped supply the nearby U.S. Army Fort Clark. Fort Clark was the headquarters for the iconic Buffalo Soldiers. The early racial makeup of the town also included Black Seminoles. 

North of Brackettville is the popular tourist stop Alamo Village. James T. “Happy” Shahan built Alamo Village on his ranch outside the city limits in the late-1950s in order to create a set for John Wayne’s epic “The Alamo”. The set was preserved and has since been used in countless movies and documentaries. It is still open for special events. 

Kickapoo Cavern State Park also exists in Kinney County along with adjacent Edwards County. The state park is relatively new as it was established in 1991. It is about 20 miles north of Brackettville. There are 20 known caves in Kickapoo Cavern State Park. The area also features 15 miles of biking trails and 20 miles of hiking trails. Private tours are also available to view the cavern. Wildlife like whitetail deer, gray fox, rock squirrel, rabbit, and porcupine are can also be found. 

In addition to filming of “The Alamo” in Kinney County, the territory has also hosted several other productions. “Mackenzie’s Raiders”, a 1950s Western TV series was set on the former Fort Clark. Additionally, “Two Rode Together”, “Lonesome Dove”, “Bandolero!”, “Barbarossa”, and “Bad Girls” have all been filmed partially or fully in the county. It is sort of a mini-Hollywood of Texas.

Kinney County is serviced by the Brackett Independent School District. In addition to Brackettville there are two other recognized communities in the county: Spofford and Fort Clark Springs (CDP). The climate and weather of the county is comparable to most parts of Texas with hot and humid summers, and generally mild to cool winters.

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