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Jasper County, Georgia Federal Loan Information

Jasper County is the epitome of everything people love about the state of Georgia, including great food and friendly people. The county is home to some of the state’s most beautiful outdoor locations, including several state parks and waterways. Have some fun in your free time at one of the many interesting attractions in the county. The county also possesses a strong education system, which is great news for those with children. The county was officially founded on December 10, 1807, and was named after William Jasper, who fought in the American Revolutionary War. The current population of the county is 13,635.

If you are a fan of being outside on a nice day, then you have to visit all the beautiful outdoor locations in Jasper County. Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge is the perfect place to see some of Georgia’s most interesting wildlife species, including beavers, wild turkey, white-tailed deer, and more. The Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge also features several ponds and streams, perfect for fishing. To enjoy in all your favorite aquatic activities, be sure to visit the beautiful Lake Jackson. There are several convenient boat ramps and fishing piers in the county, great for local fishermen. Lake Jackson is surrounded by several hiking trails, camping areas, and much more.

Visit all the interesting attractions in Jasper County, where people of all ages are sure to have a great time. Learn more about the local landscape and wildlife at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, which features a fishing area, museum, children’s programs, and more. There are many facilities for outdoor activities at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, including an archery range, horseback riding trails, shooting range, and more. Get amazing views of the stars and the moon from the Jon Wood Astronomy Field, which is away from all light pollution and noise.

Children and young adults of all ages are sure to receive an excellent education in Jasper County. The helpful teachers and administrators will work hard to be sure that every child receives the education they deserve. The county offers a multitude of resources available to those that need extra help, including afterschool programs and tutoring. There are also many clubs and athletic programs that local children can join, including baseball, basketball, academic team, and many more. The local schools host many exciting events throughout the year, including sporting events and stage productions.

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Monticello, Shady Dale, Hillsboro

31064, 31085

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Jasper County Loan Limits

FHA: $379,500

USDA: $287,960

VA: $510,400

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