Inyo County, California FED Loan Information

The 2018 $0 down, FED home loan limit for Inyo County is $453,100.

For some of the most beautiful views you will ever experience, come see the amazing landscape of Inyo County. Located on the eastern edge of California, Inyo County is a large county with many great cities and towns. Known for its abundance of wildflowers and other beautiful plant life, Inyo County is the perfect place for nature-lovers. In Inyo County, there is an exciting event held every month. There are a multitude of outdoor activities you can enjoy in Inyo County, including rock climbing, skiing, golfing, hiking, and much more. If you are a true adventurer, the Inyo County is the perfect place for you! The total population of Inyo County is 18,260,

If you enjoy the beauty of nature, then there are few better places than Inyo County. The City of Death Valley is known for its amazing fields, full of colorful wildflowers. Take a relaxing walk in one of the fields of Death Valley to see some of the most interesting plant and animal life. For aquatic activities, be sure to visit one of the many majestic lakes, including Loch Leven, Mills Lake, Pee Wee Lake, and much more. The lakes of the county are excellent places for boating and fishing. There are also several National Parks in the county, which provide excellent camping and hiking opportunities.

You will never be bored in Inyo County, thanks to the many fun and exciting events hosted each year. Mule Days is one of the most popular events held in the county and features a parade, arts and crafts, and many activities involving mules. Music-lovers will enjoy attending the Concert in the Rocks Festival, which features musicians from all over the country. Music of all different genres can be enjoyed at the Concert in the Rocks Festival. Other great events held in Inyo County include Father’s Day Fishing Derby, the Tri-County Fair, and the Lone Pine Film Festival.

There are a multitude of great outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in Inyo County. Rock climbing one of the most popular activities in Inyo County and brings in visitors from all over the world. There are many great locations for rock climbing and bouldering in the county, including the Gorge, Buttermilks, and Alabama Hills. If you are an avid skier, or are interested in learning, then be sure to visit one of the ski resorts in Inyo County. The ski resorts of Inyo County offer all the resources you need for a fun day of skiing or snowboarding.

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Inyo County Property Search

Bishop, Big Pine, Cartago, Darwin, Dixon Lane-Meadow Creek, Furnace Creek, Homewood Canyon, Independence, Keeler, Lone Pine, Mesa, Olancha, Pearsonville, Round Valley, Shoshone, Tecopa, Valley Wells, West Bishop, Wilkerson

93530, 92328, 93542, 93545, 93549, 92384, 92389, 93514, 93513, 93522, 93526

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Inyo County Loan Limits

One Unit: $ 453,100
Two Units: $ 580,150
Three Units: $ 701,250
Four Units: $ 871,450

VA, FHA and USDA Approved Condos

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