Guam Federal Home Loan Limit

Located in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, Guam is the 32nd largest island in the United States. This island paradise is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which attract a multitude of people each year! Rich in culture, Guam celebrates its indigenous history with cultural events and fiestas. The island also has a lively nightlife, delicious dining options, a thriving arts scene, and everything else you would expect from a larger city. Enjoy in the many aquatic activity options offered all over. Families will enjoy the many attractions offered in Guam, including cruises, marine parks, resorts, and much more.

Guam offers some of the most scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. Take in the amazing views of the island while taking a hike in one of the beautiful botanical gardens. The island has several companies that offer island tours where you can learn more about its forests and wildlife. Take a tour with the Adventure River Cruise, where you will see a replica of an ancient Chamorro village. If you are interested in seeing native plant and animal species, then be sure to visit one of the aquatic preserves.

Guam hosts a multitude of events throughout the year which showcase its cultural and love for island-living. The Summer Beach Fest features live music, dancing, fireworks, and much more! The Summer Beach Fest lasts an entire weekend and provides fun for people of all ages. The island also hosts many events that promote fitness, including the Ko’Ko Kids Fun Run, the Ko’Ko Half Marathon, and the Tour of Guam. Celebrate the large Japanese influence in Guam at the Japan Autumn Festival. The Japan Autumn Festival features traditional Japanese food, games, and music.

Guam is proud of its unique heritage, which can be seen through its many historical sites and influence on daily life. Come visit one of the local villages where you can see the Spanish influence on houses and the way locals dress. The music is heavily influenced by its Chamorro culture, which you can see through its use of traditional instruments. The Latte Stone Park features several interesting rock formations that were sculpted many years ago. Be sure to check out one of the cultural presentations, which involve storytelling, music, tours, and more.

Federal Home Loan Centers can help you find and finance the perfect home on the island paradise. The home-buying process can be a frustrating one at times, let Federal Home Loan Centers make that process easier! Contact us today.

2018 Home Loan Limits:

Guam: Home Loan Limit $ 679,650

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