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Fayette County, Alabama Fed Loan Information

2020 Fayette County Government Home Loan Limits

FHA Loan Limit $331,760 (Single family residence) / $424,800 (Duplex) / $513,450 (Triplex) / $638,100 (Fourplex)
USDA Loan Limit $251,862
VA Home Loan Limit $0 down up to $3,000,000 / 2 open VA loans at one time $510,400 *(Call 888-573-4496 for details).

FHA Loan Limits

One-Unit: $314,827

Two-Units: $403,125

Three-Units: $487,250

Four-Units: $605,525

USDA Loans

USDA Eligible zip codes in the county are: 35542, 35545, 35546, 35555, 35559

Located in northwestern Alabama, Fayette County offers all the amenities and attractions you will ever need! Be sure to check out the many attractions in Fayette County, which include an aquatic center and several museums. The county is also home to a strong school system, which include several nearby higher education facilities. The events of the county are a favorite of everyone in the area! Fayette County was officially founded on December 20, 1824 and was named after Marquis de Lafayette, who fought in the American Revolutionary War. The current population of the county 16,909.

You can’t miss out on any of the amazing attractions in the county, where you are sure to always have a great time! The Fayette Aquatic Center is a favorite of all ages during the summer months, featuring water slides, and Olympic-sized pool, kiddie pools, and more. Be sure to check out all the events held at the Fayette Aquatic Center during the summer. The Fayette County Art Museum is a great place to see the beautiful works of talent local and world-renowned artists. The Fayette County Civic Center is the perfect place to host a banquet, wedding, or any other sort of gathering.

If you are the parent of a child or young adult, then you will appreciate the strong school system in Fayette County. The Fayette County School District is comprised of two high schools, two middle schools, and one elementary school. There are also several private school options in Fayette County. There are a multitude of educational resources available to people of all ages in Fayette County, including afterschool programs and tutoring. If you are interested in attending college, then be sure Bevill State Community College, which offers a multitude of Associate’s Degree and Certificate programs.

If you are looking to have the time of your life, then be sure to attend the annual Mule Days Festival. Mule Days is great for people of all ages, offering great food, fun games, carnival rides, and much more. The Mule Day Carnival is a favorite of Fayette County children, offering fun rides, arts and crafts, and much more. During the Christmas months, be sure to check out the annual Christmas Parade, and see all of the amazing light displays. Celebrate Independence Day with the annual, extravagant fireworks show! Fayette County hosts events for most holidays, including Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving.

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