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Dunn County, North Dakota Federal Loan Information

2020 Dunn County Government Home Loan Limits

FHA Loan Limit $331,760 (Single family residence) / $424,800 (Duplex) / $513,450 (Triplex) / $638,100 (Fourplex)
USDA Loan Limit $251,862
VA Home Loan Limit $0 down up to $3,000,000 / 2 open VA loans at one time $510,400 *(Call 888-573-4496 for details).

Located in western North Dakota, Dunn County is one of the largest counties by area in the state. Nature-lovers are sure to enjoy the many beautiful outdoor spots in the county, including state parks, waterways, campgrounds, and more. Everyone is sure to find something they love in the county, thanks to the many local attractions, including golf courses, museums, and more. Avid history buffs are sure enjoy the many interesting historical landmarks in Dunn County. The county was officially founded on February 10, 1908 and was named after John Piatt Dunn, who was a civil and commercial leader in the area. The current population of the county is 4,646.

Enjoy in some of the best hiking and camping opportunities at any of the scenic outdoor spots in Dunn County. Theodore Roosevelt National Park offers some of the best views of the local landscape and is a local favorite for hiking and cycling. Along the scenic trails in the Theodore Roosevelt National Forest you can see beautiful hills, waterways, wildlife, and more. Enjoy in the best views and excellent fishing opportunities at the Little Missouri Scenic River. Other beautiful outdoor spots in the county include Lake Sakakawea, Little Missouri State Park, the Loop, and many more.

A great time is waiting at all the fun and interesting attractions in Dunn County. The Swimming and Wading Pool is an excellent place for a relaxing swim. The local Swimming Pool is indoors and also features water slides. Get away from it all at the River Ranch Retreat, which features a historic cabin complete with bedrooms, picnic areas, and more. If you are a fan of golfing, then be sure to visit the beautiful Medicine Hole Golf Course, which features nine-holes and golf cart rentals. More attractions in the county include the Dunn County Museum, Hutmacher Farm, and many more.

Learn about local history by seeing all the interesting historical landmarks in Dunn County. Saints Peter and Paul Church is a beautiful historic church that has been standing in the county since 1917 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 3, 1986. Saints Peter and Paul Church used to be a primary meeting place for early Czech immigrants. Other historic landmarks in the county include the Lynch Quarry Site and the Independence Congregational Church.

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