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Campbell County, Tennessee Federal Loan Information

The 2019 $0 down, Federal home loan limit for Campbell County is $ 314,827.

If you are looking for the perfect place to settle down and enjoy life, then you will love Campbell County. The county is home to many amazing natural attractions, including waterways and parks, that bring in nature-lovers from all over. If you are interested in local history, then be sure to visit any of the amazing historical landmarks in the county. An excellent education is available to all local children and young adults, thanks to the great schools. Campbell County was officially founded on September 11, 1806 and was named after Arthur Campbell, who served during the American Revolutionary War. The current population of the county is 39,648.

Visit all the scenic outdoor spots in Campbell County to enjoy in all your favorite outdoor activities! Cove Lake State Park offers some of the best views of the landscape and is a local favorite for hiking and camping. Cove Lake itself features miles of scenic beaches, perfect for jogging, picnics, and relaxing. If you are an avid hiker or biker, then you must visit the Cumberland Trail, where you can see amazing local wildlife. For a relaxing camping experience, be sure to visit Chuck Swan State Park. Other scenic natural attractions in the county include Indian Mountain State Park and Norris Dam State Park.

Campbell County is home to many amazing historical landmarks and structures that must be visited! The Kincaid-Howard House is a beautiful historic home that has been standing in the county since 1845 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 16, 1976. The Kincaid-Howard House features an amazing Federal architectural style. See the beautiful Smith-Little-Mars House, which is a historic mansion that has been standing since 1840. The Smith-Little-Mars House was added to the National Register on November 7, 1976. Other historic landmarks in the county include the LaFollette House and the A.E. Perkins House.

You can be sure that your child or young adult will receive an excellent education in Campbell County. The county is home to and nearby several excellent educational resources, including libraries, tutoring programs, and more. The local school district offers a variety of afterschool programs, so everyone is sure to find something they will love! Several higher education and private school options can be found within driving distance. Be sure to attend all the exciting events held in the county.

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Campbell County Loan Limits

FHA: $314,827

VA: $484,350

USDA: $251,862

FHA Loan Limits

One-Unit: $314,827

Two-Units: $403,125

Three-Units: $487,250

Four-Units: $605,525

USDA Loans

USDA Eligible zip codes in the county are: 37714, 37729, 37757, 37762, 37766, 37819, 37847