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Blanco County, Texas FHA, VA, and USDA Loan Information

Blanco County Loan Limits

FHA: $314,827

VA: $484,350

USDA: $251,862

FHA Loan Limits

One-Unit: $314,827

Two-Units: $403,125

Three-Units: $487,250

Four-Units: $605,525

USDA Loans

Very Low Income: $37,650

Low Income: $60,250

Mod. Income Guar Loan: $86,850 

USDA Eligible zip codes in the county are: 78606, 78635, 78363, 78663

Known as the Lavender Capital of Texas, Blanco County is located in central Texas and is home to some of the most beautiful views. There are a multitude of fun and interesting attractions in the county, including museums, historical landmarks, and more. Make sure to visit all the beautiful outdoor attractions in the county, including waterways, parks, and more. The county is home to an excellent school system, which is great news for those with children and young adults. Blanco County was officially founded on February 12, 1858 and was named after the majestic Blanco River. The current population of the county is 11,626.

There is always a way to have fun in Blanco County, thanks to the huge variety of local attractions. The Exotic Resort Zoo is home to over 80 amazing animal species that can’t be missed. Daily tours are available at the Exotic Resort Zoo. For some of the most delicious wines and great views, visit the beautiful Texas Hills Vineyard. The Texas Hills Vineyard also features special events and a tasting room. Visit the Real Ale Brewing Company for great food and a variety of delicious beers. Many fun events are also held in the county including the Blanco Lavender Festival and Market Days.

If you are a fan of the outdoors, then you are sure to enjoy the scenic natural attractions in Blanco County. Take in some of the best views of the local landscape along the Willow City Loop. The City Park is a great place to bring your family on a nice day, featuring picnic shelters, playground equipment, walking paths, and more. The City Park is also home to a beautiful Xeriscape garden.  Enjoy in great views of local wildlife and rock formations at Blanco State Park. Other great outdoor spots in the county include Pedernales State Park and the Upper and Lower Guadalupe River.

Blanco County offers an excellent education to all local children and young adults. The county is several by several school districts that only hire the most helpful and qualified teachers and administrators. Many educational resources are available in the area including several libraries, afterschool programs, and more. Be sure to attend all the exciting events hosted by the local schools, including stage performances, art showcases, and sporting events.

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