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Benson County, North Dakota Federal Loan Information

2020 Benson County Government Home Loan Limits

FHA Loan Limit $331,760 (Single family residence) / $424,800 (Duplex) / $513,450 (Triplex) / $638,100 (Fourplex)
USDA Loan Limit $251,862
VA Home Loan Limit $0 down up to $3,000,000 / 2 open VA loans at one time $510,400 *(Call 888-573-4496 for details).

Located in northeastern North Dakota, Benson County is home to some of the best views of the local landscape. Home to acres of natural North Dakota grassland, Benson County is the perfect place for nature-lovers. Rich in history, the county is home to many interesting historical landmarks and structures that any history buff is sure to enjoy. An excellent education is available to everyone, thanks to the great schools and higher education options in the area. The county was officially founded on June 4, 1884 and was named after Bertil W. Benson, who served on the Dakota Territory House of Representatives. The current population of the county is 6,753.

Enjoy the beautiful weather in Benson County at any of the scenic local outdoor spots. A variety of amazing creatures make their home in the Sullys Hill National Game Preserve. Located along the beautiful Devil’s Lake shore, Sullys Hill National Game Preserve is a must-see for any true nature-lover. Devil’s Lake itself is a local favorite for fishing, boating, and all other aquatic activities. For some fun and exercise, be sure to check out the Black Tiger Bay State Recreation Area. More beautiful outdoor spots in the county include Silver Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Grahams Island State Park.

If you are interested in local history, then you must visit all the amazing historic sites in Benson County. The Fort Totten State Historic Site is a site that was used during the early days of the state. Many interesting structures can be seen at the Fort Totten State Historic Site, including barracks and the Pioneer’s Daughter Museum. The Fort Totten State Historic Site was added to the National Register of Historic Places on December 09, 1971. Other interesting historic sites in the county include the Grace Episcopal Church, Benson County Courthouse, Viking Lutheran Church, and more.

An excellent education is waiting for people of all ages in Benson County, thanks to the local resources. There are many programs offered to local children and young adults, including sports teams, art programs, music programs, and more. Be sure to attend all the exciting events hosted by the local school district, including sporting events and stage performances. There are many higher education options within driving distance to the county. Thanks to the helpful local teachers, every child is assured all the help they deserve.

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