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The federal home loan program is designed to give Americans affordable home ownership. FedHome Loan Centers is dedicated to empowering you with sustainable home ownership solutions.

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FHA loans can also help owners

  • Refinance Now
  • Lower Payment / Lower Rate


  • Seller’s Assistance Programs
  • No equity required
  • Easy qualification


FHA Loans offer many advantages

  • Down Payment as low as 3.5%
  • Low Interest Rates
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Closing cost assistance
  • Easy loan qualification
  • Low monthly costs

FHA Home Loan Benefits:

The FHA Loan is For:
First-time home buyers, Repeat home buyers, Families, All qualified permanent residents
The FHA Program Can Be Used To:
Buy Home – Refinance – Sell Your Home
Benefits Include:
Low Down Payment – Low Closing Costs – Free Representation!
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FREE ~ FHA Home Loan Application

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Easy Free

The FedHome Loan Centers Application does not require a Social Security Number!
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Are You A First Time Home Buyer

Low Cost Agent Representations
Low Down payment
Low Closing Costs

The FedHome Loan Centers first time buyers program can help you afford the home you want — today!
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Discover FHA Home Loan Resources

FHA Loan Qualification Info
FHA Home Loan Limits
Questions About The Programs?

Your FedHome Loan Centers Origination Portal™ has the answers to all your questions.
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No Equity — Upside Down Homeowner?

No Equity?
Medical Hardship?
Facing Foreclosure?

If you need to sell but owe more than your home is worth, we can help!
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